Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seriously, Stop Obsessing About Paladino.

You probably heard all about it:  the Republican nominee for the governor of NY made a nasty remark about gays.  NY Times and NPR can't stop reporting about it.  Predictably, Andrew Sullivan reacts to Paladino's rant with his own typical Sullivan rant.  I take one look at Intrade and Pollster and say:  who gives a shit.  In all seriousness, the chances of him being elected are pretty slim, and clearly rants like this are not particularly helpful.  Yes, it is infuriating for a serious candidate for political post to be saying these things .. but honestly, maybe his slim chances of being elected are a testament to how marginal and extreme his views are?  So instead of wasting time and energy on him, can we all please get more sleep or run for 10 minutes?

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