Thursday, July 17, 2008

EAT: The Ultimate Hummus Recipe

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If you love hummus as much as I do, you might have also wondered what is the secret to making hummus creamy without loads of tahini and olive oil. Smooth and rich yet light and fluffy. And while you may have wondered, I have been obsessing, for years. Many recipes, cans of garbanzos, cloves of garlic and lemons later, I am proud to announce that the search for the smoothest creamiest most delicious hummus technique is now over. My life purpose has been fulfilled, now I can retire into the mountains, hummus in hand. The secret ingredient? Garbanzo flour in lieu of whole chickpeas. Find the recipe here.

Reader's response: I had no idea that you were a hummus fanatic, but i'm excited to give this a try, even though it seems a bit like sacrilege. Is it as good as Sabra?

My response: I know, right? The culinary snob in me cringed and shed a tear at the thought of using powdered anything. I mean, what is next for me - a pre-made mix of guacamole spices? But then I justified it to myself as molecular gastronomy of sorts :) Funny you should ask about Sabra- my quest for the perfect hummus has (not-so) secretly been all about emulating the flavor and texture of their product (why someone would do that when you can simply go in the store and buy it is a whole another issue.. a man's gotta have hobbies, I suppose), which is to say, yes, this is the closest I ever got!

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