Tuesday, July 15, 2008

READ: An entry inspired originally as a response to the Discerning Brute's "NADER Returns"


The more I read about people's shock and disbelief as they wake up to the cruel reality of the situation that Obama is, after all, a politician and that he is not exempt from the politics of compromise and deal-making, the more it annoys me that people didn't approach the rhetoric of "change" with just a little bit more common sense skepticism. It was nice to have a "movement" come about that lifted him above what seemed like an insurmountable lead his opponent had - to see people engaged and excited. Not to mention it was also greatly annoying at the time, since I was a fairly firm supporter of Clinton during the primary. However, rather than whine about what was or what could have been, I want to point out to all those "disillusioned" that it is irresponsible to abandon him now. Yes, shame on Obama for not being more in charge, for not communicating his views (whatever those may be) more clearly. For not making it more clear that the new post-partisan world (or whatever people were expecting to happen) is not going to mean the democrats and the republicans uniting at the far left, holding hands. Or for running on that strangely insane platform in the first place. Whatever. It is what it is and unless people figure out a way to get behind him now and allow him to understand what they need from him, when he needs it most, they are hardly anything other than flip-flopers themselves.. with a bad case of AADD.

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