Saturday, September 6, 2008

PLAY: Californication Nostalgication

Maybe it's the jet lag striking again or maybe my body is simply refusing to spend precious free time in bed.  Either way, I am sitting in front of TV in the middle of the night, watching the new 90210, DVRed from earlier this week, remembering the excitement with which I watched the original show back in my elementary school days.  Back then watching Brenda and Dylan kiss was the emotional highlight of the week, even when I still had no clue it wasn't Brenda I had my eyes on.  Not to mention that was the show that formed my early image of the US, only to be replaced by Friends a few years later.. both images so tragically off.

Ironically, that was not the only instance of California creeping up in my life this week.. As chance would have it, I also flew to LA this week for an annual work trip to visit a few companies headquartered in the area.  It was the same trip which 2 years ago I conveniently attached to a long weekend in San Francisco, in order to reunite with my long-distance boyfriend at the time - and took the chance to peacefully agree that we shouldn't be, anymore.  Even more concidentally, that ex apparently got engaged some time in the past week .. In other words, in the span of a week I have relived the memories of one of my significant relationships as well as those of my early formative childhood years, with California being the common thread to all this emotional baggage.  

I am too tired at this point to draw any meaningful conclusions out of all this, but that's a whole lot of California and a whole lot of nostalia for a week.

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