Friday, September 26, 2008

READ: Debating the Debate

OK so Obama is officially my candidate.  Issues aside (which I also think Obama dominated on on the domestic side and was all least tied on the foreign front), here's why:  (1) throughout the debate McCain was so incredibly condescending to Obama that I can't seriously envision him facing a foreign leader he doesn't like.. he's seemingly physically incapable of diplomacy; (2) the entire debate he didn't look at Obama once, whereas Obama addressed him directly and looked at him throughout the debate.. once again McCain either has a physical impediment or he's so arrogant.. either one makes it unfit, in my opinion; (3) McCain's vision and knowledge of the world is incredibly narrow (albeit deep in the 2 areas he seems to want to always talk about - war and earmarks).

McCain can drop a ton of names and that's cool.  He is knowledgable about other countries and military strategy - which makes him a great candidate - for a general.  Presidency? Not quite.. consider this:  "I looked into Mr. Putin's eyes and I saw three letters: K, G and B".  That is just incredibly irresponsible.  And the attitude of not talking to people because that would somehow validate and justify them belongs to kindergarden  - and it's so W's first term!

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Bulicks said...

Completely agree with everything you said on McCain, but (and I only caught the last 30 mins) Obama was fairly inarticulate even to me, but especially considering his audience. Like, he was so right on in calling out McCain on giving too much credit to Iraq re: al-Qaeda, but then he jumped to China in the same breath? Hoping I missed a great deal of earlier groundwork, because not everyone reads the Economist.

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