Friday, August 1, 2008

EAT: Breadmakers

One of my favouritest photos from the wedding in Beirut. These 2 ladies were making bread on the spot - or really little breads with 3 different toppings - cheese, minced meat or za'atar. It was such an incredible little snack to have during the cocktail hour. Fresh, warm, fluffy.. YUM!

I asked about the shape of the bread making grill apparatus and no one could explain. I have to investigate, of course :)

Update: Of course I couldn't help myself and had to find out immediately. The dome or upside-down-wok-looking aperture is called "saj" and the bread they were making "manakeesh" or "markook". Not entirely sure how those are different but I will most probably need to find out. Fantastic. PS: this website has a lot of cool Lebanese food photos.


Kevin said...

The most fantastic part of this video is the soundtrack!!!!!

Roman said...

yummi yum. I enjoy your work with the hyperlinkes but the "za'atar" one leads only to "za" heading on wikipedia.

Alex K said...

oops, thanks Roman!

Cenk said...

This photo needs a second update: The moment I saw the photo I said: sac (or sach) / that's how you would spell (say) "saj" in Turkish.

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