Friday, August 22, 2008

PLAY: The Good Things in Life

Yesterday was another pleasantly warm and sunny day in New York and by 4pm everyone has found some pressing reason to end the day early. Perfectly fine by me. It was exactly a year ago that the financial markets blew up and the economy started melting even more apparently than it was until then. That horrible August was a period of such nauseating volatility that I used to come home with immense pain in my stomach and drink my most recent alcoholic discovery of that period - St. Germain - elderflower liquor.. Hmm, it was great with vodka.. and champagne.. Things have stayed pretty much just as insane since then (with the only fortunate twist being that I rid myself of the at-home weeknight drinking habit) .. that is, until this week. Finally things quieted down, one boss went on vacation, the other one had a baby, half the office is gone and in an unusual conincidence it was also a week with the most incredible weather.. all in all, I caught myself thinking at some point that this may almost be better than going on vacation! OK perhaps that's an exaggeration. ANYWAY -- last night was another amazing night in Brooklyn - I went to see the movie by the bridge .. Not my first time but it has been a while. So there I was, surrounded by attractive neatly dirty hipsters and other movie-watching folk, wondering how the night could be any better. Nice things in life come in heeps, I thought to myself, after the guy staffing the Transportation Alternatives desk (they provide free bike parking at the event) complimented me on my hat, gave me smile and asked me to leave my email to sign up for their newsletter.. Perhaps he will find some better use for my email address? Good stuff in life comes in bunches , I think to myself again, wishfully..

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