Thursday, August 28, 2008

PLAY: Last Set + I Found the Place Where I Will Get Married

So here's the final set of photographic highlights from my Asian trip. It includes photos I took in Nusa Dua (a lifeless resort town about 20km from Seminyak, my village, where I biked on Thursday), Jimbaran (another resort center, this one fully gated and basically spread over a hill on top of Jimbaran Bay with insane views - hence the wedding reference above), and a visit to Tokyo's Tsukiji market - apparently the largest fish market in the world (I had a 12 hour layover on my way back).

All in all an amazing trip though ironically the highlights for me where the 2 short-ish stops in Tokyo.. which I guess is simply a reflection of the fact that I am such a city person and that I am obsessed with Japan (something I didn't quite realize beforehand) even if Japan isn't particularly fond of me (here I am referring to the fact that it is not particularly foreigner-friendly - let alone vegan-friendly - both of which I actually respected in a weird way). There were obviously many nice and impressive things in Bali but much of it is either (1) the downunder take on Cancun, with American frat boys replaced by Australian surfers (2) dirty and neglected, including the historical sites and buildings.. but that could be the ignorant Western snob in me speaking, who knows.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling. I am back in the city, it's 3am and I am exhausted after 18 hours of travelling but I am technically on 3pm in the afternoon so I am far from sleepy. Here's the final preview set..

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