Monday, December 1, 2008

Can NY Dems Ever Grow Some Balls?

“I think the California proposition and the recognition that entities with large amounts of money who oppose same-sex marriage have decided to be large players in this have a lot of people going back to the drawing board.”
Wait, really?  I do not know if I should be pissed off by the logic of dropping a gay rights issue because of large amounts of money behind groups opposing it, or give the Senator props for her blunt honesty.  I can appreciate the tension between policy and politics but I fail to understand why in two years reelection will no longer be a concern?  Can the Democrats ever grow some balls and pass the legislation as fast as possible - not despite the reelection risks, but exactly because of them?  The sooner they do it, the more time will pass - and passage of time is a good thing when it comes to gay marriage, as its opponents are no longer able to exploit the threat of the unknown and the issue becomes dull.  On the contrary, postponing the vote promises to both keep the issue controversial during the next election and lose at least some of the democrats the gay vote.  

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