Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Via Sullivan, an interesting quote from James Richardson, the RNC online communications manager:
My support for gay adoption will surely be met with hostility and, no doubt, charges of RHINO’ism by many of my colleagues, but the Grand Old Party is at a crossroads and now is not the time for an echo chamber. Homosexual demagoguery is not the answer to the Party’s woes, particularly when gay men and women represent the only demographic in which John McCain bested President Bush (27% to 19% based on exit polling). And as Daniel Blatt notes, gay-hostile rhetoric no longer resonates in suburban areas with soccer moms, many of whom have gay friends or family members, and plays even worse with young voters, 61% of which voted against stripping gay couples of the right to marry.
I have a strategic idea for the Republican Party, as they are soul searching right now, trying to figure out a new direction for the Party in the new millenium: go gay.  And I don't mean literally, of course, I mean: make gay rights one of your top priorities.  

Weird, I know.  The reality is that the party needs a game changer and it needs it fast.  Given current demographic trends (eg, old conservative people are.. um.. dying), if the party stays on the same path, it could completely implode.  They need to pick an issue to completely redefine the landscape.  Remember how the party came to prominence over anti-slavery?  

Could gay be the new black?

OR could someone else come in and fill the void?  Why isn't someone - I don't know, the libertarians maybe - thinking about this?  Remember that there used to be another party before Republicans?  Couldn't fiscal conservatism combined with social liberalism be the unbeatable force of the new millenium?

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