Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Virgin Worship.

I flew Virgin Atlantic for the first time this holiday and I loved it.  And not because they give you fun free stuff and they are actually nice and friendly (they do and they are) but because of the selection of movies and music they have on board, which brings me to the motivation for this post - the 2 movies I saw on board.  

The first, Brideshead Revisited, turns out to be a remake of a 1980s mini series adaptation of a British Classic novel.  I had never heard about either and definitely have to investigate.  As for this movie, while the story is great and the talent is striking (Emma Thompson, amazing as always; Matthew Goode, the most under appreciated hottie in the English speaking world), what almost reduced me to tears on board of that flight was the music, 2 songs in particular.  Thanks to iTunes, you can find them here and here.  

The second movie, In Search of a Midnight Kiss, is particularly well timed as it is about a blind date taking place on New Years Eve.  Despite its simple premise - a couple meets on New Years and sorta falls in love - and execution - the camera follows them around LA all day as they are getting to know each other - it was one of the most interesting American movies I have seen in a while.  And not "interesting" in the Charlie Kaufman I will make you regret the day you were born sort of way.  

Go Netflix them both.


yanni said...

virgin business class is designed for dwarves, but yes, the movies are excellent.

please explain "sorta falls in love" as per above

Bulicks said...

I'm messengering my worn BRIDESHEAD paperback.

Alex K said...

Thanks Bri!

Yanni - Sorta falls in love, is falling in love as much as you can in a day, I guess.

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