Thursday, December 25, 2008

Socialism, Christmas Edition.

While I'm waiting at the main train station in Bratislava, I figure I'd use the time productively and write up a short blurb about a fun law in Slovakia according to which all shops have to close at noon on the 24th of December. If you're one of those last minute shoppers - like me - tough shit. As I was running around Tesco - one of those fabulously gigantic shopping temples with cheap crap that sprung up everywhere in the last 5 years - attempting to find some decent vegetables (have they not heard of the beauty of importing produce from thousands of miles away?) - I came close to being forcefully removed from the premises. In case it's not clear - the law is meant to protect the shop workers from being forced to work on Christmas. And yes, it's annoying for someone from New York and generally ridiculous - but at the same time sort of precious.

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