Tuesday, October 28, 2008

7 Days To Go ..

Only seven days left until election day, and for the sake of my own sanity, I am going into campaign hypernation, so no more posts from me about the election.  BUT, before I stop, 3 related messages: 

1. Just because I won't be writing about it, doesn't mean I won't be following it.  And if you're an election junkie like me and own an iPhone, you should check out Slate's Poll Tracker, a neat app that allows you to track real time changes in polls on your phone in these crucial hours.

2. I am almost amazed by my own level of emotional involvement and the attention I pay to the campaign narratives.  But it really feeds on itself, so the more attention you pay the more subtleties you pick up and the more interesting it all seems and makes you pay more attention.   But for someone who can't even vote, it may seem rather ridiculous.. Which brings me to my last point: 

3.  I cannot believe I won't be able to vote!  And I am not even talking about the cliche that the whole world should vote for the US president.  Call me whiney, but I actually think it's unfair that after living in this country for 10 years - and paying taxes for all of those years - I won't be able to vote.  Not to mention, I am nowhere even near obtaining permanent residency.  I have lived here my whole adult life yet technically I am barely more than a tourist.  In all seriousness, the archaic immigration policies need to be reformed urgently, and not (only) for my sake, but for the country to stay competitive.  I can only hope that whatever happens on November 4th will be a change in that direction..

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