Tuesday, October 7, 2008

READ: The Debate Hitlist

Here's my hit list from tonight's debate:

1.  In a rather unexpected and surprising turn, McCain will instruct the treasury secretary to buy up the bad mortgages.  Apart from being drastically removed from the fiscal conservatism that McCain is supposed to represent (whatever happened to small government?), it is yet another demonstration of his scattered unfocused risk-taking personality. For an idea of that magnitude (it would probably dwarf the $700 billion bailout), it is quite shocking to hear about it for the first time in the middle of a debate. Maybe McCain will also throw in a car, the fiscal conservative he is.  YAY!  Don't worry, it will be a hybrid!  Because today..
2. McCain is in favor of alternative fuels: wind, solar, "all of the above", which is the McCain speak for "bla bla bla".  Or simply [insert whatever sounds good, right now].  Sadly, his record speaks differently.
3. Medicare will not be easy to fix.  Which is why McCain wants to set up a commission on Medicare comprised of experts who will study it and come up with recommendations to solve the fiscal Armageddon that no one talks about.  A commission that studies Medicare payments?  Maybe something like MedPAC?  Well, it already exists.  Incidentially, McCain failed to mention a little detailed reveled by his campaign 2 days before the debate - that he is planning to cut Medicare by $1.3 trillion.  While that, in and of itself, is not necessarily bad, I have to ask - is McCain even aware of this plan?
4. "You know who voted for it?  That one!" will be remembered as this election's equivalent of Gore's loud sighs in 2000 and Bush senior's looking at his watch in 1992.
5. "American workers are the best in the world."  And that is why employers are tripping over themselves exporting jobs to China and India.  Americans are just too good for them.  

Obama's hitlist will be posted tomorrow.

PS. My projection - Obama won and will strengthen his lead.

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