Monday, October 27, 2008

READ: Russia Endorses Obama

An interesting piece of news that is making its way around European press and will probably hit the US media with a splash (only to be turned into a new fear-mongering clip by the McCain campaign): certain Russian officials expressing preference for Obama.
In the words of Konstantin Kosachyov, Russian Duma's foreign affairs committee:

"McCain got his political formation during the Cold War, he dedicated most of his life to the fight against communism. It's clear that to this day he still thrashes along that front without seeing any real difference between the Soviet Union and modern Russia."

"Obama doesn't differ particularly in his beliefs about Russia from the Republican candidate, but he is a young politician, without prejudices and so, more ready to take on a new proposals and approaches."

He couldn't have said it better, though a small part of me wishes he didn't, for Obama's sake.

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Bulicks said...

That's it, Obama is definitely a Marxist.

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