Thursday, October 23, 2008

READ: Here's One from the Left

During my daily check in to the über liberal universe of Democracy Now! I came accross this interview, in which two chaps expressed concern over the implications of Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama
..what disturbs me most is, is this idea that not only is Powell endorsing Obama—Obama can’t prevent that—but that Obama has responded by saying that Powell might play a key role in an Obama administration. And we should ask ourselves, what does that say about Barack Obama’s promises to end this war quickly? I don’t think it necessarily says something good if he’s putting someone around him who helped get us into this war, who helped lie us into this war and has been basically unrepentant about that.
It's almost refreshing to hear a criticism of Obama that comes not from the right side of the political spectrum but from the left.  As a reminder, the left in the US is an approximation of where the much of the rest of the world is philosophically, so it is kind of useful to consider this as I am pondering about the US foreign policy post-election.     

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