Thursday, October 30, 2008


According to one study, one in seven women who served in Iraq and Afganistan reported "sexual trauma" during their service.  I suspect in cases like this there is some underreporting, so the real incidence is probably much higher.  In case that statistic isn't ourageous enough for you, read this article from the Nation or listen to this interview from Democracy Now!

This bit makes the whole operation sound like a bad episode of MASH.
Horton wonders what the 200 Justice Department employees and contractors stationed in Iraq do all day, noting that there has not been a single completed criminal conviction against a US contractor implicated in a violent crime anywhere in Iraq since the invasion. "We have a complete process in place for solving military criminal violations when soldiers commit crimes, but for the 180,000 employees of private contractors over there, there is nothing," says Horton.

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