Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Angel-Headed Hipster on My Mind

The best live-action mainstream American movie that I have seen this year...  Harvey Milk was an intriguing, inspiring figure. “Milk” is a marvel.
Quite a rave from A. O. Scott.  Christopher Orr over at TNR's Plank, while liking the movie, makes the following criticism:
So why did the movie leave me so cold? Largely, I suppose, it is a question of belatedness. Milk was murdered 30 years ago. The exceptional The Times of Harvey Milk won the Oscar for Best Documentary 24 years ago. The Dead Kennedys recorded their Dan White-themed "I Fought the Law (and I Won)" 21 years ago. Yet, all this time later, after the world has shifted under our feet, Hollywood wants us to applaud its courage for finally--finally--telling this story? Really? I can't help but think there will be something cheap about the inevitable Oscar nominations (and probable victories) with which the movie industry will advertise its moral elevation come February.
Good point.  Regardless, I can't wait to see it tonight.

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