Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back 2 Court.

Good news from the Golden State: the Supreme Court will hear the legal challenges to Prop 8.  Unlike Sullivan, I think this is important.  Not only does it sound intuitively wrong to me that a simple majority should be able to take a vote on the issue of the rights of a minority group.  It is also a legitimate constitutional issue and a matter that is at the core of the American form of democracy.  Those who claim that issues like this should not be decided by the courts ignore the fact that this is precisely the point of a constitutional democracy: to have a framework and mechanisms in place to ensure that certain fundamental principles are maintained no matter what the majority thinks.    

I just hope that this does not deflate the movement that has formed since the passage of Prop 8 or diminish the urgency of having Federal marriage equality legislature passed. Speaking of which, see here for the Queerty guide to Obama's gay rights agenda. 

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