Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Tonight's protest in front of the Mormon temple at Lincoln Center was a success by many measures.  The attendance was enormous, some 4,000 people in front of the temple according to ABC and many more by my estimate, as people were joining in as the protest marched from the temple down Broadway and ended at Columbus Circle.  It wasn't just well attended, it seemed to be widely attended.  I spotted familiar strangers from many contexts and each one of us ran into multiple friends.  It felt like everyone who could be there tonight was there.  It was peaceful, without any big hiccups or problems with the police.  

Up next: Saturday's Join the Impact nationwide protest.

Here's how we started in front of the temple:

Walking down Broadway:

At Columbus Circle, at the end of the protest.  People were hanging around for a long time.  It was quite a sight.

The award for the cutest dad/son goes to:

For the full set, click here.  For a great set from someone who clearly knows much better what they're doing with the camera, see here

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