Friday, November 14, 2008

More Savage, Better and Sharper Than Ever.

CNN surprisingly pulled in Dan Savage for tonight's debate on Larry King Live moderated by Joy Behar and he kicked some serious bigoted ass: Rev. Harry Jackson and Rev. Jim Garlow.  On his side they also had San Fran major Newsom.  They originally advertised Cynthia Nixon who ended up being included via a pre-recorded interview (and was so eloquent and charming, btw, it made miss Sex and the City for a quick second) so I'm guessing Savage was a replacement for her.  But, oh, did he do good.  Unlike in his previous CNN appearance, he was more collected and sharper.  

After 40 minutes of back and forth, it was clear that there is no argument that the proponents of Prop 8 can bring that is not easily refutable (sanctity of marriage; tradition; majority rule); what is more complicated, even for Dan, is responding to the accusations of hostile behavior and rhetoric by the gay demonstrators towards members of that church and black people.  Faced with a logical refutal of the non-sensical arguments, anti-marriage folks are quick to point that out.  This is troubling and there has to be some sort of response to set the record straight.  HRC or LAMBDA or some other well funded organization should launch a nationwide campaign to clarify that this isn't an issue of race and it isn't an issue of religion.  It's an issue of basic human decency and that is not a zero sum game.

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