Friday, November 7, 2008

Voting Your Pocketbook.. And Other Election Myths.

Having some fun with the CNN exit polls.  

If anyone tells you that:

Rich people vote Republican - tell them that 52% of those earnings over $200K/yr voted for Obama, versus 46% for McCain.  To put this in perspective, for someone earning $250K/yr, this is a difference of $10K in after-tax income.  Turns out, above some income level, people are quite fine with spreading the wealth around.  

Gays vote Democrat - they do but not as overwhlemingly as one would expect: 27% of them voted for McCain.  I can only guess this was because neither one of the candidates had a strong vocal position on the gays either way.

Clinton would not have done as well as Obama did - quite the opposite.  52% of those polled would have voted for her and 5% wouldn't have voted at all, effectively giving her 56% of the vote, or a 12% lead over McCain.  I am guessing this stat is duly noted by Hillary.

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