Friday, November 21, 2008

TGIF, Really.

I have refrained from writing about work and the market because (a) I have been way more focused on the election and then Prop 8 activism, (b) I realize how repetitive and boring it must be when I complain about work;  however, this week reached a new low.  Namely, the lowest since 1997.  Just thinking about what that means makes my brain freeze:  We have rewound 11 years; all the value that has been created since then has been destroyed.  

Weirdly, work events where I run into other finance types have become strangely comforting.  Today I was at an investor day and while everyone was depressed beyond reason, there was an odd sense of community:  everyone is doing shitty, we have all been run over this year, we all feel like nothing makes sense anymore; we are in it .. together.  That may sound cheesy, but to explain the context, these encouters are typically displays of gigantic egos too large to fit in the same room, let alone the same building.  These days, all the egos are so deflated that people have actually become civil and somehow more likable.  So I guess the road to depression has a few bright spots.

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