Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Like It Wet, Messy and Black.

It turns out the only fun way to deal with a gloomy day like today is to confront it head on: get out there for a run in torrential rain.  Incidentially, it is also the perfect way to get over a hangover from Sugarland, which, in turn, was the inspiration for the soundtrack of my athletic adventure: a loop of Gimme MoreBeat Goes On and Bossy.  The run was ugly, wet, messy and sexy.  Once every inch of my body was completely drenched I embraced the shittiness of the conditions and focused instead on getting in touch my inner Lindsey, Britney and Madonna.  At the end, when I stopped by the coffee place downstairs to get a doze, Rodney asked:  
"Milk or sugar?"
"I like it black."
"Ohh, you're making my heart beat."
On and on, on the beat goes.. 

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Bulicks said...

I don't like it when you go to Sugarland without me. Also, is the crisis really over?

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