Thursday, November 13, 2008

Savages Everywhere.

Can't not point out that the world has seemingly exploded with Dan Savage, which is awesome.  The guy is hard at work speaking out for our rights.  His segment on Colbert was hilarious, which isn't always the outcome no matter how good and witty an interviewee you are, given Colbert's slippery slope of ironic sarcasm.  The appearance on AC360 side-by-side with Tony Perkins, the personification of everything that is wrong with the Christian church, was much more heated and I felt aweful for him.  A funny post about those 2 appearances here.  Then there was his piece yesterday in the Times and his appearance at the protest last night.  Finally, a great post yesterday explaining why it took us until after Prop 8 was approved to get all riled up.  Props to Dan!

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Anonymous said...

God I love Dan Savage! It is so wonderful to see him as a talking head.

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