Friday, November 14, 2008


Inspired by the insanely wise Surowiecky with some finishing touches by hopefully-soon-to-be-contributor Brian, I decided to start a new feature here, Shut the Fuck Up, to call out things that should have stayed unsaid.  

From yesterday, there is the W speech at the Manhattan Institute that enraged Surowiecky, demonstrating both the gift of relentless denial and reminding us just how excruciating the next 70 days could be; some good highlights from Felix Salomon here

The day before, just as the gays were protesting and marching for that silly thing known are equal rights, Elton John chimes in from Cipriani on Wall Street to tell us we are "putting people off" and that we should settle for civil unions.  Thanks, John, but separate is really not equal.  

Finally there is Sarah Palin who deserves an STFU not for anything she is saying in particular (though there's plenty there, too), but because of her apparently unstoppable efflux of media appearances.  Jon Stewart does a good round up.  Is one week without her too much to ask for?

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